When the Wreck on Your Car Requires Windshield Replacement

Whenever talking about auto body repair and collision, a lot of the issues revolve around paints, panel alignment, body straightening and component replacement or repair. However, one aspect of car body replacement that retailers may not remember is the window and windshield glass on cars.


Although there are a lot of Do-It-Yourself products available for windshield replacement, there are still a lot of instances when the wreck to the glass needs replacement. There are many specialized service outlets that offer windshield replacement or repair, but for car collision and body repair workshops, windshield replacement is a step in automobile body repair that may become a full-fledged support. In any case, the knowledge and skills needed to do windshield replacement are already available, and so are the links to suppliers of windshield, so what is to keep a car body replacement shop from providing this extra service? It might become an essential revenue center for the shop.

When daring to fix small cracks in their vehicle’s windshields themselves, nearly all car owners are wise enough to realize that extensive damage needs replacement glass. Additionally, they know that this task is best left to experienced professionals as sub-standard jobs will lead to a leaky windshield or even bring about wind disturbance at highway speeds. Also, in case of a serious crash, a resulting rollover might actually crush the ceiling as contemporary windshield installations utilize this component as an element of a car’s crash safety feature. Attempt taking out the urethane adhesive securing the windshield to the framework and you will understand what we are talking about. In case insurance investigators uncover this kind of defective repair, maybe you will have a claim denial.

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Talking about insurance, a store can inform its clients that most thorough policies permit repair of the windshield in case it is damaged and requires replacement. Although the client has to spend a small amount, the car body repair store needs to clarify that the windshield is a significant safety aspect and no compromise must be taken into consideration in that regard. Whenever necessary, show the client those online clips which show a little nicked windshield getting severe fractures as soon as the car passes through a pothole and even a speed bump. Latest industry standards employ windshields produced from damage-resistant laminated glass comprising of a couple of layers of glass and a layer of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyrate). When influenced by debris, very sharp pieces of glass can adhere to the Polyvinyl Butyrate layer, thus reducing the hazard from flying glass. The PVB sheet in laminated glass likewise has a cushioning effect, assisting to protect the occupant of a vehicle during collisions.

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Certain auto body repair outlets have started considering other integrated assistance to offer, to be able to improve their income streams. Without the need to invest in modern equipment or expertise, auto body replacement shops include windshield repair assistance to their list of services.

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Chip Repair against windshield replacement

A peice of broken glass in a windshield found in Glendale azRocks are enemies to the windshield of your car. When rocks hit windshields, they cause damages. Stone chips are extremely common especially at points with many large trucks on the roads or at places where road works are on going. Some stone chips are just a nuisance while others affect the vision of a driver. Others increase to be irreparable cracks when the damaged area is affected by elements over time.

At this point, many people are not decided whether they should go for auto glass replacement or repair would be enough. This is dependent on the role of the windshield and the safety aspects. The crucial thing is that you should be able to clearly see through the windshield. This is emphasized by the fact that many states have laws stating the point at which a windshield should be repaired or replaced.

There is a specific section of the windshield that is regarded as a “critical vision area.” This is section of windshield located about 300mm-400mm directly in front of drivers seating position extending full height of the glass. In many cases, a crack or stone chip outside this area can easily be repaired if the damage does not extend beyond 50 mm in diameter. If you live in Glendale, then we would highly suggest checking out our top windshield replacement glendale specialists.

Getting a Windshield repair should be done if the damage is located within critical vision area. The windshield is one of structural core components of a vehicle and integrated into airbag deployment. The front airbags for instance are designed to bounce off the windshield therefore it would pose a serious safety risk if the glass is poorly fitted when the inflation occurs during an accident.

A poorly fitting windshield will cause deployment of the airbag to easily push it out and causing a loss of strength in roof structure. This in turn will increase the probability of the occupants getting thrown from the vehicle.

Many people are at a crossroad when they have to choose between windshield repair and replacement. At times, there is not choice to replacement because of the safety aspects involved.   When the affected area breaches one or several safety guidelines like loss of critical vision or structural integrity, the windshield should be replaced.

Windscreen replacement should not be taken lightly as it should adhere to motor safety standards. The technician carrying out the replacement should be a professional with a license to do the work. The glass and adhesive urethane used should also comply with the industry standards. Do not drive the vehicle until the time recommended for the adhesive to hold the glass properly has passed. This is why it is important to take your vehicle to an auto glass company with a reputation for safe windshield installation procedure.

In most instances auto glass repair costs far less that full replacement. However, you should be aware that it may fail to contain the damaged area. A good auto glass shop will subtract the cost of repair from that of full replacement.